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Michael's world is rocked even further by the sudden arrival of Wayne. With Aleesha and Danielle she barricades herself in the changing rooms. Episode der 7. Eddie thinks he has the answer and arranges a football match, but things soon get dirty on the pitch and the simmering tensions of the day bubble over. It’s the last day of term at Waterloo Road and everyone is excited about Bolton’s boxing final. Meanwhile, Michael is under pressure after concealing the CCTV footage of his altercation with Wayne, and Linda's wayward pet rabbit, Roger, causes mayhem when it is set loose in the school. Year 10 pupil Luke Pendle has kept the fact that he lives in a care home a secret from everyone, including his girlfriend. The truth about Craig is soon revealed and he goes with Janeece's possessions.Meanwhile Kyle and Tariq's actions towards Finn make him turn to an unlikely source to get back at Tariq. Chlo goes to see a psychologist regarding her confession to driving the limo on the night of the crash, adamant that she caused it. Browse more videos. Opinionated and ambitious, Karen is determined to bring change, making Waterloo Road a safe and vibrant place to learn. Tom, worried about his son's behaviour, questions Josh who "fesses" up – believing that his dad would be cool about it as they are more like friends than father and son. Die Episode "Testing Times" ist die 5. A fourth series of another 20 episodes was commissioned in December 2007 and began airing from January 2009. Steph’s return to Waterloo Road starts badly when a pupil leads a class revolt and Rachel blames the problem on her poor teaching skills. Back at the school, a loved-up Eddie is totally gob smacked to find Melissa waiting for him. Meanwhile the rest of the school is doing mock exams and faced with the teachers derision of student's fears about their performance Eddie challenges the staff to re-sit one themselves. And Tariq comes to Chalky's aid when he burns his surprise dinner for Linda. Staffel der Serie Waterloo Road. In addition, the arrival of a new, gay student sparks confrontation and unearths some difficult truths. Regie führte Patrick Harkins nach einem Drehbuch von Chris Bucknall. However, it soon becomes clear that Marcus hasn't grasped the full picture and Ronan is in fact saving the money to flee Rochdale and escape his father's illicit family business. Staffel der Serie Waterloo Road. Episode der 9. Regie führte Alex Kalymnios nach einem Drehbuch von Philip Gawthorne. Rate. Pondering the future of the pupils, he discovers that not all of them have received a place at alternative local schools. Die Episode "Scott, Bonnie and Justin Hit the Beach" ist die 14. Elsewhere, Christine struggles after her doctor reveals that she has alcoholic hepatitis. Tom takes extreme measures to deal with Lorna. All hell breaks loose among the A-Level students when they realise that Grantly has been teaching them the wrong syllabus all year – a mistake punishable with severe disciplinary action by Karen. Staffel der Serie Waterloo Road. Episode der 7. Die Episode "Episode 10" ist die 10. Ringleader Bolton Smilie tells tales about his dad's easy life as a powerful inmate and sees the trip as a laugh: not for long though. Elsewhere, new boy Kevin turns up at Waterloo Road and quickly draws attention to himself, not least from Chalky who suspects the schoolboy is more intelligent than he's letting on. When the current Headmaster of Waterloo Road Comprehensive has a nervous breakdown, Waterloo Road is in mourning after a fatal car crash that killed one of its pupils, and put another in a coma. What follows sees Kim’s world come crashing down around her. Die Erstaustrahlung erfolgte am 05.10.2011. The series took a break from 27 October 2010 and continue on from Episode 11 from 2 February 2011. Die Erstaustrahlung erfolgte am 15.10.2014. Marcus's ex-wife, Hannah, wants her children to experience mainstream schooling, but he has little faith in the state education system. Die Episode "Episode 9" ist die 9. Ronan's mentor, Dan, a modelling industry professional, proves to be a big hit with the ladies when he is brought in to judge the school fashion show. Erstausstrahlung: 02.02.2015 | Regisseur: Patrick Harkins. 27 October 2010 (BBC2 in Scotland due to live football). Die Erstaustrahlung erfolgte am 22.06.2011. Die Episode "A Tangled Web" ist die 7. Meanwhile, it's appraisal time for the overconfident Eleanor and the nervous Daniel Chalk. Episode der 8. Episode der 7. But when Evie's story unravels and the truth is revealed, the school is forced to deal with the fallout. Erstausstrahlung: 05.01.2015 | Regisseur: Brian Grant. Also this week, Madi tries to persuade Sian to let her spread her wings and leave school, while Billy has a surprising request for Michael to consider. Episode der 8. Die Episode "Episode 3" ist die 3. Jack lets Andrew do his worst as acting head teacher, but steps in when the local community turn against the school. 1. It's the day of the school fun run and Jez's star athlete Mercedes has been training hard to impress him. Rate. Staffel der Serie Waterloo Road. When the sixth formers are on work experience at Colin's company, Matt tells Colin that he wants him to move out for a few days since he's never told his parents about his sexuality. A new term at Waterloo Road gets off to a noisy start when Karen arrives to discover the alarm going off and her new site manager, Rob Scotcher, taking a laid-back approach to the problem. But he finds himself in trouble both with Karen and the police as he tries to do right by Scout. When Harry is finally forced to reveal his condition, Karen is left questioning her role as a mother. Erstausstrahlung: 19.11.2014 | Regisseur: David Innes Edwards. The first episode of Waterloo Road Reunited was uploaded at 9:00pm on 2 March 2011 on the show's official website. Season 1 Mar 2006 - Apr 2006. Fed up with being used - and worried about Cheryl's welfare - Chalky snaps, delivering some much-needed home truths to Janeece. Jez, meanwhile, is trying to move past his suspicions but he steals Sian's car keys to check her GPS, only to discover that she has lied about her whereabouts and had really been at a hotel. Believing she's compensating for her weight issues by acting the class clown, Audrey urges Rhiannon to join the lunchtime power-walking club. In a bid to finally go public with her relationship with Jonah, Cesca hands her notice in to a shocked Karen and Chris with a fabricated story about her father being sick. Die Episode "A Shock for Havelock" ist die 15. Episode der 9. Staffel der Serie Waterloo Road. Die Erstaustrahlung erfolgte am 02.11.2011. Episode der 9. But when Lula hears this she tells Tom her uncle plans to perform an exorcism on her believing she’s possessed. Die 6. Die Erstaustrahlung erfolgte am 30.08.2012. Chalky has more luck in love when Linda, jealous of Michael and Sian, agrees to go on a date with him. Die Episode "Episode 18" ist die 18. Die Episode "Episode 12" ist die 12. Margaret Harker, the wife of a local entrepreneur, is visiting the school to consider if she should make a sizeable donation to Waterloo Road. Today is Waterloo Road's first ever girls' football match and Tom is preparing the team to give it all they've got. In response to the boys' poor exam grades, Karen and Chris introduce a new single-sex teaching initiative, much to the disdain of staff and pupils. Episode der 7. Lauren and Josh are less than impressed with their jobs as a hairdresser and chef respectively while Chris ends up with. Erstausstrahlung: 29.10.2014 | Regisseur: Simon Massey. This channel will be uploading episodes of Waterloo Road. Die Episode "Episode 23" ist die 23. 9 Mar. Earl’s doing his best to convince Maxine that they should have a baby. Also this week, Josh tries to convince Tariq life is worth living, but Tariq isn’t interested and Sian receives an unexpected visitor at the gates of Waterloo Road. As Tariq realises the error of his ways, he warns the prom goers of the crossbow just as Kyle takes aim – and Josh arrives to save Finn. Die 8. Erstausstrahlung: 02.11.2011 | Regisseur: Alex Kalymnios. But when she most needs someone to rely on, will Sam be disappointed? Rate. Regie führte Daikin Marsh nach einem Drehbuch von Jake Riddell. Die Erstaustrahlung erfolgte am 10.10.2013. Staffel der Serie Waterloo Road. Die Erstaustrahlung erfolgte am 14.09.2011. Die Erstaustrahlung erfolgte am 05.02.2014. Die Erstaustrahlung erfolgte am 02.02.2015. The final two episodes of the series was delayed by 4 weeks, due to the World Cup, airing on 14 & 15 July respectively. Meanwhile, it's make or break for Kim and Andrew. Episode der 9. She can't control her class and loses it big style, throwing half the girls football team into detention and jeopardising the match. Die Erstaustrahlung erfolgte am 07.03.2013. Donte sees Davina getting into a swanky car and is shocked to see the driver is his old headmaster, Jack Rimmer. 4. As Finn empties Sam's locker Lauren and Amy help him to appreciate the sentimental value of the little things that are left behind. Sambuca Kelly returns to the school. Episode der 7. Elsewhere, Grantly returns to work, barely a week after the loss of his wife. It's not long before she's upsetting her classmates and causing problems for Karen. Meanwhile, Scout is over the moon when Mia, a mid-twenties MS sufferer, offers her the position as a live-in carer, but Em's recklessness threatens to jeopardise everything. Back at home, the situation worsens as Grantly discovers the financial cost of Fleur's care and hatches a desperate plan in order to raise the money. Waterloo Road’s latest supply teacher, Jem Allen, is proving popular with staff and students alike but her upbeat attitude and glamorous lifestyle are enough to get right up Grantly’s nose. Jack Rimmer is put in charge of failing, inner-city comprehensive Waterloo Road when the previous Headmaster has a mental breakdown in front of the entire school. Staffel der Komödie Waterloo Road aus dem Jahr 2006 mit Mark Benton und Philip Martin Brown. A concerned Tom follows, but finds Grantly regretting his decision – he needs to accept that his wife has gone. Josh and Lauren's flirting picks up pace, only to come to an abrupt end when the secret of Lauren's large birthmark on her back is revealed to the whole school. Staffel der Serie Waterloo Road. A contemporary drama series set in a challenging comprehensive school. 0. Die Episode "Happy Ever After" ist die 10. Cassie's best friends. When Amy discovers she has a stalker she feels like a celebrity – but the novelty soon wears off as things get personal and she decides to take her own revenge. This horrifies Steph, but Maxine’s will becomes stronger and more resolute – no one understands Earl like her. Die Erstaustrahlung erfolgte am 31.10.2013. Episode der 9. Episode der 7. Die Episode "Troubled Waters" ist die 3. Staffel der Serie Waterloo Road. Regie führte Sarah Walker nach einem Drehbuch von Lauren Klee. Die Erstaustrahlung erfolgte am 03.10.2013. Staffel der Serie Waterloo Road. Meanwhile, Scout and Emily's rebellious behaviour continues and they both get matching tattoos. Meanwhile Steph with the help of Oliver organises the school prom. Tom's career and relationship hang in the balance while Kim and Andrew work reluctantly together to find the truth behind. Darren Briggs sends Davina flowers and asks her out for dinner, supposedly as a thank you for helping his dyslexic son Darren Jnr. Staffel der Serie Waterloo Road. 1:58. Rate. Die Erstaustrahlung erfolgte am 01.09.2010. Rate. Playing up in class, Connor attempts to shame Christine but it backfires and he’s humiliated in front of his classmates. Without his medication, his mental health begins to spiral out of control. Harry's cry for attention veers out of control when he steals Karen's phone and causes turmoil among the staff of Waterloo Road. Staffel der Serie Waterloo Road. Die Erstaustrahlung erfolgte am 21.02.2013. Episode der 8. Die Episode "Justin Confronts Leo" ist die 19. Rate. Episode der 7. 133 episodes have so far been aired (as of 6 September 2012). Die Erstaustrahlung erfolgte am 12.02.2014. Later at school, Rhiannon finds a quiet spot and takes out the tin again, revealing her self-harming kit.Rhiannon's disruptive behaviour in school is noted by Audrey, who excludes her from class. Episode der 8. Grantly discovers Maggie is being blackmailed by Trevor, who she never divorced. The officials paint her as little more than a criminal who paid another woman for her baby. Les Champs-Élysées Waterloo Road オー・ … Episode der 9. 6. Staffel der Serie Waterloo Road. Die Episode "Epsiode 21" ist die 21. The accident also resulted in the students being hostil towards Donte Charles, as they believe that he is the one who has caused the crash. Die Erstaustrahlung erfolgte am 16.05.2013. Die Episode "Episode 6" ist die 6. Meanwhile, Bex Fisher continues to hide the details of her disappearance as she begins her first day back at school. SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE: http://bit.ly/WaterlooRoad Waterloo Road is now on YouTube! 1 Synopsis 2 Plot 3 Main cast 3.1 Staff 3.2 Students 3.3 Others Jack reinstates Grantly, making it clear that he has no desire to be part of Aspinall's plans. Rate. Kim is dragged before Rachel and Eddie to explain but she’s too consumed with worry as she’s found out the Home Office has hired a private investigator to track her and Grace. 5. Episode der 8. Michael himself is trying to keep his distance from Linda and is troubled when Sian accepts Linda's help to input the grades. Episode der 7. Cesca and Jonah make a decision that will change their lives for ever and Grantly and Ruby form an unlikely creative partnership. Michael is forced to install extra security measures at the school due to the escalating gang violence. But with the police, Chris and a drug dealer in pursuit, it's not going to be easy. Die Erstaustrahlung erfolgte am 12.03.2014. Episode der 6. Stuart Hordley, enraged at the loss of all his business, returns to the school determined to expose Rachel's past to the school. As they burst into flames it ignites a leaky gas canister, leading to a massive explosion and sending a fireball ripping through the school's canteen. Hoping to start a career in modelling, Lauren attempts to raise money for surgery. However, Josh is stunned and humiliated by Tom's angry reaction and, in retaliation, he spikes Tom's lunch with the drug. Matt’s gutted and can’t bear for all their hard work and effort to go to waste. Karen sits in on their classes and finds room for improvement for both teachers. Knowing that she has failed, Shelby suggests to Madi that they go to the pub to celebrate Madi's 18th birthday. Waterloo Road is running a new sexual health initiative which includes a confidential emergency contraception service. Die Episode "Sugar Mummy" ist die 27. Die Erstaustrahlung erfolgte am 12.11.2014. Not convinced by Steph's self-serving 'advice' to let it be, David McManus, Annie Bruce & James Simpson. Die Erstaustrahlung erfolgte am 19.02.2014. Series 1: Episode 2. Havelock High's Head Girl, Liberty is a rising athletic star and carer to her mum Sandra, who has rheumatoid arthritis. Karen starts to doubt Chris's judgement when he tries to help newcomer Scout. This video is currently unavailable. Waterloo Road Episodes Episode guide. While Jonah relishes the opportunity to make new friends and have new experiences, high-achiever Ruth feels she's got little to learn and soon takes matters into her own hands by running away. Elsewhere, At The School Gates, Sian arrives to be confronted by Madi, who questions of her whereabout's overnight, Keen to keep her love life quiet, Sian steers the conversation away by noting Madi's belongings dumped - her mum has thrown her out. Elsewhere, Matt fears he could lose Martha when he learns that Rosie is moving away with Alex, Grantly and Maggie are left high and dry when the cosmetics company goes bust, while Trudi feels guilty when she forgets the anniversary of her mother's death. Episode der 6. Keen to clamp down on this behaviour, Chris discovers that the normally intelligent Martin is emulating his father's right-ring views to gain approval. Die Episode "Like Father Like Son" ist die 6. Die Erstaustrahlung erfolgte am 23.02.2011. Die Erstaustrahlung erfolgte am 07.02.2013. She Sets her sights on Ray, Unaware he is dating Sian. Staffel der Serie Waterloo Road. Staffel der Serie Waterloo Road. But he's quickly sucked back in to dealing with Scout's dysfunctional life as her mum leaves her and brother Liam home alone. For Amy, it's a far-from-pleasant experience and Josh has further side-effects when he starts hallucinating in class. Meanwhile Izzie wants Tom to tell Lorna about their relationship. Episode der 9. In August 2009, a further 20-part sixth series was commissioned. Episode der 10. Concerned that Gerard's failing management of the school will ruin her university plans, Liberty secretly blows the lid on her head teacher with a damning story in the local paper. A violent clash in the corridors of Waterloo Road ensues, and Chris and Jonah attempt to cover up the truth in Karen's office. Regie führte Dermot Boyd. However, the day descends into a shambolic mess when one pupil sees the opportunity for a personal act of revenge. Die Episode "The Price Of Love" ist die 8. Izzie is mortified to discover that it is her unreliable ex-husband Jimmy Grainger with a serious message. Die Episode "Sins of the Father" ist die 14. Although Jack has won a national bravery award, he secretly blames himself for Izzie's death. Later, as the schools conversion into new, luxury apartments gets underway, both staff and students considering the move take a trip to Scotland to visit the new school. Meanwhile. Kim is severely traumatised after the incident with bully Lewis. The playground divisions are echoed in the staffroom as many of the old John Fosters team have been ushered in to ensure the smooth transition, much to the annoyance of the existing staff. Staffel der Serie Waterloo Road. It began airing on BBC One from 1 September 2010. When Finn discovers that Harry has sabotaged his plans for Jess to sleep over, he exacts revenge with a day of relentless bullying and chances upon Harry being sick in the toilet. Staffel der Serie Waterloo Road. Grantly is even more curmudgeonly than usual when he's asked to supervise Waterloo Road's bad boys alongside minxy duo. Rate. The twelve-episodesecond seriesaired on 18 January 2007 and featured a number of new main characters; pupilBrett Aspinall, school benefactorRoger Aspinalland school secretaryDavina Shackleton. But while Michael attempts to build bridges with rival headteacher Gerard Findlay, Grantly can’t help but rock the boat. Rate. Episode der 7. Staffel der Serie Waterloo Road. Die Episode "Episode 29" ist die 29. Staffel der Serie Waterloo Road. Die Erstaustrahlung erfolgte am 23.02.2015. Staffel der Serie Waterloo Road. 20 episodes; 0 songs; Season 4 Jan 2009 - May 2009. Die Episode "Revenge" ist die 26. 1 Sypnopsis 2 Plot 3 Main cast 3.1 Staff 3.2 Students 3.3 Others Adam's sister Yasmin holds Donte responsible for her brother's death and gets bully Hadleigh to exact revenge on him, from which he has to be rescued by teachers, though he tearfully confesses his sorrow to Yasmin. Elsewhere, a familiar face in the name of Steph Haydock comes to the aid of a desperate Grantly, and Janeece finally confronts Ruby with the truth. Evie tries to empathise with Finn, who's devastated by girlfriend Sambuca's terminal illness. 8. Die Erstaustrahlung erfolgte am 13.09.2012. However, after Chalky's suspicions are aroused Linda finds herself under scrutiny. Adam starts making wedding preparations which has an impact on Ruby whose husband has asked for a divorce. Staffel der Serie Waterloo Road. fortunato3. Michael also attempts to reunite the Taylors with their father, and Vicki decides to re-take her science A-Levels. Staffel der Serie Waterloo Road. Steph is the victim of a mugging by an ex-pupil. It's the day of Helen Hopewell's first official inspection and she is desperate to impress. Die Episode "Sugar Daddy" ist die 12. Whilst teenage runaway Jade announces to her boyfriend Drew that she is enrolling in the school, Michael and Sian face rivalry from Havelock High headteacher Gerard Findlay. Elsewhere, Phoenix and Harley Taylor struggle to hide the death of their nan and Finn begins to show an interest in newcomer Trudi, sister of the nearby estate's ringleader Tariq Siddiqui. Die Erstaustrahlung erfolgte am 22.10.2014. Staffel der Serie Waterloo Road. Totally humiliated and desperate, Lauren steals hydrogen peroxide from the science lab to try to bleach the birthmark away, but ends up getting an acid burn. Die Episode "Episode 30" ist die 30. With their wedding day in Jeopardy, Grantly Hatches a plan to make Maggie his bride, with assistance from Scout and Phoenix. Chris is concerned for Jess's welfare but she misinterprets this as a sign that he still cares for her. Die Episode "The Final Straw" ist die 10. Die Erstaustrahlung erfolgte am 13.10.2010. Everyone at Waterloo Road is still reeling after the shocking resignation of Jack. Episode der 7. Die Episode "Episode 16" ist die 16. But when the lead inspector discovers that Chris has allowed a pupil to spend the night at his house, it's Karen's job that's on the line. Quiet student,Morag decides to take participate in Lorraine's bench design competition. Staffel der Serie Waterloo Road. Regie führte Fraser MacDonald, Erstausstrahlung: 25.10.2012 | Regisseur: Roberto Bangura. As they drive off, Wayne slips in to school with revenge on his mind and Michael finally gets a chance to confront his stalker. Episode der 8. He wants them to finally have what they never got from their own childhoods; a proper family, a home and stability. Tom is still very much in love with Izzie; will she continue to deny that she feels the same way? The last day of term starts badly for Michael when he finds a threatening note on the dashboard of his car. Tom, still unconvinced by the new school, faces Drew's anger, and Christine remains withdrawn until Grantly suggests a trip to the pub. Erstausstrahlung: 10.12.2014 | Regisseur: Jamie Annett. When Finn goads Kyle into a fight, he gets Kyle kicked off the cast and takes the leading role himself – much to Sambuca's disgust. Rate. Staffel von Waterloo Road für Dich zusammen. Die Erstaustrahlung erfolgte am 29.01.2014. Die Episode "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun" ist die 13. Die Erstaustrahlung erfolgte am 06.06.2013. It is then a race against time for Tom and Michael when Tariq's true intentions are revealed. Elsewhere, Jez moves out and Trudi is due to have her baby terminated but backs out on the idea and later has a miscarriage. Die Erstaustrahlung erfolgte am 06.04.2011. Mika, frustrated by Tom ignoring her requests to go on an environmental protest, takes her eco-warrior plans with Brett to another level, on the building site of the new Training Centre. Everyone's excited about having a masterclass in radio journalism from a chat show supremo; everyone, that is, except her daughter Andi, a loner in Scout and Emily's class, who shies away from her mum's limelight. But with nervous teacher Daniel Chalk in charge, will the café be ready in time? Kim struggles to keep her personal life from impacting on her job as she tries to get rid of him. Die Episode "A New Start" ist die 11. Staffel der Serie Waterloo Road. Error: please try again. Bex prepares to run away with Hodge, even though Jess pleads with her to stay. Episode der 9. Meanwhile, Chris and Karen have their hands full with the school business initiative contest and Tom struggles to readjust during his first day back. Die Erstaustrahlung erfolgte am 16.02.2011. Rate. Making Scout promise not to tell anyone, Rhiannon confesses that she cuts herself because it makes her feel better. Matt's mother, Susan Wilding, suddenly announces she's on her way to visit and, in a panic, Matt quickly removes all traces of partner Colin from their flat. Year 12 pupil Martin Dunbar is branded a pervert by his classmates when he's caught poring over a lingerie magazine and creeping around the girls' changing rooms. Soon afterwards, when Liberty unwittingly reveals she was responsible for the newspaper article, Gerard snaps. Izzie and Tom's bitterness towards each other escalates. When Janeece picks up Year 10 pupil Billie Taylor on her way to school, she notices that Billie's mother, Laura, is acting as primary carer for Billie's baby, Brooke. Episode der 10. When a Year 12 pupil abandons and then claims her baby, Karen is concerned for the girl, her child and the dark secret she's keeping. Die Episode "Father Figure" ist die 9. Under pressure, Gerard's bad press threatens to overshadow Havelock's performance in the first inter-school competition against Waterloo Road. Die Episode "Episode 2" ist die 2. With Kim’s eye off the ball. Romance abounds as Melissa’s speed dating event brings some unlikely couples together. Horrified, Tom decides to take matters into his own hands and secretly helps Morag design another bench, resulting in a clash of beliefs between Kai and Lorraine. Meanwhile,Connor snubs Christine, thinking she's just seeking attention - but after a serious fall, he realises that she may have been telling the truth about being ill. Connor questions whether he can cope with two women in his life and pushes Imogen away. EBOOK ONLINE 100 DAYS NAPOLEONS ROAD TO WATERLOO READ ONLINE. Die Erstaustrahlung erfolgte am 09.05.2013. The staff worry about redundancies as a warning notice is served on Waterloo Road, but Karen assures them she intends to appeal against it. Suspicious, Audrey confronts Christine about the irregular grades, forcing the English teacher to cover her tracks. Regie führte Fraser MacDonald. Regie führte Jamie Annett nach einem Drehbuch von Wendy Granditer. The school is still reeling after the murder of Maxine Barlow. Paul and Bolton start bootlegging the ethanol to the other pupils, not realising how dangerous the side effects of their concoction could be. When Harry later tells Karen she refuses to believe him and assures him that it must be innocent. 13+ Audio languages. Episode der 8. It's Imogen's birthday, At school, Imogen is horrified to discover that her fitness guru mum is helping with Tariq's rowing fundraiser. Elsewhere, a dangerous attraction begins as Cesca tutors Jonah in Spanish lessons, and Grantly's increasingly dishevelled appearance draws attention among staff and pupils. Especially unimpressed is the formidable new Head of Pastoral Care, Adanna Lawal, who rallies the rest of the staffroom into action against the segregation. S1, Ep1. Die Erstaustrahlung erfolgte am 08.01.2014. Rate. Staffel der Serie Waterloo Road. It's the start of exam season at Waterloo Road and Josh is struggling to cope with the workload. It is set to take place in an abandoned mill and word quickly spreads among the pupils, leaving the teachers in the dark. Episode der 9. Die Episode "Suspicious Minds" ist die 14. The two girls bicker, but soon start to joke around together. Josh becomes obsessed with an old plague pit underneath the school and when some of the girls play a trick on him, he starts to believe that spirits are trying to contact him. With Rachel on a course, Eddie's at the helm but soon finds out it's not going to be an easy ride – a community of travellers have pitched up next to the school and the kids are to be enrolled at Waterloo Road. Episode der 6. Episode der 8. As she gets out of the car, she tells him, "It's over Michael. Die Erstaustrahlung erfolgte am 24.01.2013. Die Erstaustrahlung erfolgte am 26.01.2015. Erstausstrahlung: 12.01.2015 | Regisseur: Brian Grant. Events reach a climax when Harry sinks to the bottom of the pool during a swimming lesson, a cry for help that leads him, Josh and Finn to Karen's office. Episode der 8. Lukas is pushed to the brink when Martin and Kyle step up their hate campaign, leaving Ruby condemned by the school and questioning her own views. Die Episode "Episode 26" ist die 26. Episode der 10. To make matters worse she takes the year 10 class on a trip to a local farm, only for it to be a disaster from the outset with Lauren and Sambuca involved in an act of theft and Josh ending up in hospital. Regie führte David Innes Edwards nach einem Drehbuch von David McManus. Episode der 8. Meanwhile, Sian is acting headteacher and faces the infiltration of new gang the DSC. Die Episode "Text Rated" ist die 4. You may be able to find the same content in another format, or you may be able to find more Die Erstaustrahlung erfolgte am 04.05.2011. Kim accompanies Chris on a Year 10 trip to an Art Gallery as she believes it will improve their relationship. He rushes her to A&E, but accidentally drops Janeece in it with social services. Meanwhile, relationships are tense as Trudi makes a decision about Finn. 5 Jan. 2015 A New Start. Playing next. Left scarred by a pupil's knife attack at his last school, the new head is called to court to hear the verdict of the trial.

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